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If you have not been to the Sawmill for lunch, their menu is extensive – all homemade from scratch family specialties but today, I craved a juicy, perfectly seasoned, flamed broiled burger. I am pretty “particular” about how I like my burger and the waitress did a great job taking my order.

When she brought out the burger, I was so excited I wouldn’t contain my enthusiasm. I think the whole restaurant must have heard my piggy squeal. It was literally the most “Beautiful Burger” I have ever seen. Something out of Gourmet Magazine, trust me I am a subscriber. Presentation says a lot and this presentation was very tantalizing. Piled high on a toasted bun, with shredded lettuce, juicy tomatoes, and sliced red onion this burger looked like a steak. The free form patties says a lot about homemade. Someone took the time to hand formed and seasoned this burger”perfectly” I had to take some time to admire this “Beautiful Burger”. I was relented to cut into it, but the inside of my mouth was starting to salivate and I just couldn’t wait anymore. The size alone would satisfy a lumber jack or truck driver but that did not intimidate me. I was hungry.

The first bite was slow and deliberate, I had to savor the flavors slowly. It was worth every single bite. It was hard to think about anything else. This burger was “the one” I had been searching for.

Usually in my trips to experience the BEST burger, I would pull out my camera and take pictures, several in fact. Every profile of the burger needs to be documented so I can share it with my friends the passion I
have for burgers, but this time, I didn’t have my camera with me but I plan on making another trip soon.

So if you are in town or need to find the BEST, most BEAUTIFUL burger in Washington County, stop over at the Sawmill and order the burger anyway you like and I promise you won’t be disappointed. I know I plan on sharing this experience with many more of my foodie friends.


“Oh my gosh! Great service, food & atmosphere! [The Sawmill Inn is] Our new great breakfast place – and we live in Brookfield!”

Lisa B


Sawmill Pub