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since 1982

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Southeastern Wisconsin’s most unique family restaurants that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

We’re located in Washington County near Richfield (within the shadow of Holy Hill), The Sawmill restaurant offers a full menu of delicious food, a relaxing bar with a pub-like atmosphere, friendly service and a home- cooked Wisconsin dining experience.

There’s a reason families have dined here for more than 20 years. Yes, we’re that good. I personally guarantee it.

It’s our BBQ that hogs would be proud to die for!

George Boggs

Owner and head groundskeeper.


Press Release - Germantown Express News

– First impressions.

They say first impresssion matter, and matter they did when I visited the Sawmill in Richfield for lunch this week. Deciding over the menu was easy, a burger, medium, on a toasted bun with butter, with lettuce, juicy tomato and red onion with hot to order fries. It makes all the difference to me. I don’t consider myself a burger connoisseur but a “foodie” yes! I have had many burgers, from all over but the burger I had from the Sawmill topped my number one for the BEST burger in Washington County. Words cannot describe the “perfect” burger. You may have to order one yourself.

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